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Railroad Urbanism



Urbanity is in need of a new Renaissance which primary focus to address global challenges with multidisciplinary, people oriented strategies; Designers, with the use of the most advanced technology in history, are responsible for realizing this Renaissance. Although New Urbanism has made great strides in evolving Urban Development into the most advanced cities ever and shifted the trajectory of urbanism toward environmental consciousness, Urbanism is lacking the true emersion and benefits of mixed use environments. Historically Polymaths, a person who is skillfully knowledgeable in several fields of study1, have solved challenges in revolutionary ways through the cross pollination of disciplines; these historic figures give insight to the untapped potential of mixed-use, transit attached development. Technology has undoubtably changed the seen and unseen World, where land is becoming less relevant.

The proposal, Mass Transit Urbanism, MTU, is the missing stitch in the urban fabric that utilizes existing urban metro/freight railroad tracks to create a network of inhabited transit-affixed, mixed-use micro cities within existing urban voids. The NYC subway is an example of a successful infrastructure that has been perfected through history; by attaching to this successful history, the MTU will have a jump start to its implementation. MTU is a constantly evolving organism that uses existing rail and trains to combine multi-functional programs that comprise the mixed-use environments, cities like New York crave. The added value of the MTU is in its adaptability, accessibility, diversity, connectivity, and self-sustainability.

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